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242 front output shaft(yoke) fore and aft play


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How much movement if any should I have when pulling on my front d/s out of then into the tcase. Mine moves 3/16 of an inch. Normal?
What do I replace to eliminate the play? That blind bearing in the case that the shaft butts into. or the output shaft roller bearing? Does the torque of the yoke nut preload that shaft same as the front wheel bearing axle shaft nut loads the hub?
The yoke tightens up against the inner-race of the bearing (no pre-load involved). The bearing is sandwiched between that and the output shaft. The bearing is held in by a c-clip inside the front case half. Check the yoke nut and see if it's loose?
You can see most of what's going.......

Sweet looking case. I just took mine apart and the front output gear has movement on the shaft against the c-clip. The roller bearing was able to be removed by hand after the snap ring was removed. So it also moves in and out when buttoned up.

The needle caged bearing in the case has a loose relationship with the aft end of said shaft.
So all that added up is telling me get a rebuild kit.

Dang, I only got 625,000 miles out of it. But I think my transmission is ailing due to the whirring noise in gear but not park or neutral or when the TCC is on at speed. weird
You can shim either side of the front bearing to get it to align with the mainshaft gear.