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need help replacing shocks


NAXJA Forum User
Burney, ca
I have a 2000 XJ with a new 4.0 engine 3-in trailmaster lift came with it and I broke one of my front shocks. it's bashed to pieces. I don't use this as a long distance daily driver. I live in the mountains I go off-road daily. I don't do anything outrageous they're just places to go here where I take my dogs. I can use some help.
First question would be, do you have it bump stopped correctly so you don't blow out a good set of shocks? Next is, have to measured so you can get the correct length shocks?
Well, ,a worrying problem. A broken shock absorber could be due to a collision or improper braking. Anyway, I recommend that you take it to a reputable repair address to replace the shock absorber with a new, more sturdy one.
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