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Cleaning out the Parts Bin


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Triangle, Va
Will post some pictures later today when the light get's better. I have available, C8.25 ring and pinion in 3/5 and 3.07 gear ratios a C8.25 Open carrier, stock alternator from a 1994 4.0, ac compressor from a 1994 4.0, starter from a 1993 4.0, a c8.25 housing with stock diff cover no brakes just the housing no bearings except axle in it ready for a build, stock output shaft from a NP231, Brand new universal Cat. converter from pep boys (2 1/2" in and out), rear wiper motor from a 1994. That's all i can remember and that I can see in the dark, if I find any more parts tomorrow I'll let you all know.
Would prefer local pickup but will ship on buyers dime, please make an offer on all parts listed above, when i pulled them and put them in storage they all worked fine will see about testing starter, and alternator later today. All parts are located in Triangle, Virginia.

*Edit* 27 spline Carrier
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Ok so i took 38 pictures of the items up for grabs but i can post 14 at a time so i'll just link you to my Imageshack page. all pictures are very large so 56k users go out and grab something to eat. These are the pictures i found the most informative, if you would like a picture taken of something specific, please ask, i'll do my best to accomodate you.

Cat is Sold, Starter was junk and went in the trash, I believe the compressor is bad I have no way of testing it and don't want anyone to install it to find out it's junk so if anyone wants it for a core or anything let me know or I'm tossing it to save some unlucky person a headache. I'll test the alternator tomorrow make sure it's still good if it's not it's free for core charges or it's going in the trash as well. I do still have a stock diff cover for a 8.25 if anyone wants it (free for local pick up, anywhere else you just pay shipping) I'll take a picture of what is left of the parts box and it's all free if anyone needs it if not it all goes to the salvage guy in about a week or two. The output shaft is still available as well if someone needs one for a hack and tap SYE. Still have the 8.25 carrier, and both ring and pinion set's 3.55, and 3.07 No resonable offer will be refused, remember $5 is an offer ;)
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