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Chrysler 8.25 or Dana 35 ???


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I have done some searches and such all over this site.
Have found some comparisons and pros vs/ cons between the 2 diffs.

my question still remains...

I need to install my suspension lift.
I want to get some replacement U-bolts, but I have absolutely no clue as to which Diff I have.

anyone have a surefire way to tell?
or pics they can post up that i can use as a photo match when i get home tonight?

I have a '96 XJ
The link didn't work for me.

I'm far less of an expert than many on this board, but

The Chrysler 8.25" axle has a prominent lip that is cast into the central hub casting, that extends below the diff cover. Its a straight bar that goes across the bottom of the casting and sticks down well below the diff cover and is easy to see.

Do a google image search for each axle, that is guaranteed to come up with the pics you need.

BTW, CODevilDog, but the name I'm guessing, SEMPER FI.
A quick way to distinguish a Dana from a Chrysler. Take off a hubcap. Look at the depression in the axle end. The Dana has an hourglass or figure-8 shaped dimple. The Chrysler dimple is not necked down in the middle (think of a rectangle that's been squashed so the ends bulge out).