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check out this xj!!

hum its kinda funny to see JUs reaction Then compare it to what it would be here. There are all up his but and here some guys would rather chew it.
Richard's done alot of work on that thing, it's going to be interesting to see how it works. He's still working on the front coilover hoops and steering details.
I didnt want to piss anyone off, I just thought it was a cool ride. I admire a person who spends alot of time fabricating something. Tonight was actually the first time I went on JU. I didnt even know it existed. I have been on and off this board for about 2 years now. You should be hearing from me more because I finally can build the xj because the wife has her ride now.
I don't think you pissed anyone off. People on this board and over at pirate just like to make fun of JU because the board mostly consists of the same questions over and over again, and lots of nonscence instead of actual usefull information and tech. I personaly only check JU if I want to laugh at something.
You now I would like to agree with you, but I have been on and off Naxja for a long time now usually didn't post anything til this new board came up, and I have been a member of JU for a lot longer. I happened to learn a lot from JU, as I found out you can wade through the BS and learn quite a bit. I learned some here as well and plan on becoming a full fledged member very soon! JU has been good to me so please don't talk bad about it. Sorry to intrude in your thread as Richards Rig is quite the beast.---Kyle
Id call it anything but "awsome"!It is "interesting" for an off-road only rig.As stated and obvious in the thread,there is no down travel,and those springs are not exactly cheap.Expirementing can get costly.The front/rear control arm angles are rather steep and the fabrication/welding deserves alot of attention!
This is one of our current designs,"rolled" the Class-8 this weekend in Mexico.
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TB angle should be addressed as in this pic:


Mine isn't ideal either but I like it up higher:


I sure like that Class 8 chassis there Phx, but we're talking XJ here. :D
Yeah,but the thought was about fabbing/welding that was the point!Notice how much "cleaner" yours is?Make your bracketry "fit the function and no more","cheesing is always welcome but nothing beats good design!
Fullsizexj said:
Here is some of that no droop

It appears fairly impressive till go back to your original photo,then it looks like your only getting 6-8".Dont get me wrong but the amount of money and effort is way beyond what is an "efffective" lift.If your building a competition rig than I say "go for it"!
Not building a comp rig, and that is not what the final lift height will be, the springs that are in it are for a reference point only, it will sit alot lower than that when finished. Not all of us have full on fab shops to work in and make due with what we have. It don't have to be pretty to be functional
Fullsize, I applaud what you're doing and the process you're taking. It's lookin' good and I bet it looks kick ass when you're done. I shudder to think what most of the people out there would say if they saw pics of my junk with all of its temporary junk on it.
Make that two applauses! I just started with the fabrication and I love it. Making bumpers, rock rails, etc... it's all cool. But what you got going is way cool. Good work!
I couldnt agree more!Although I have access to some nice stuff I do all my work at home.I "Officially" got out of the businees back in 1985.I only do design work and "One-off's" in my spare time now.What I was really refering to is welding brackets on brackets on brackets.Proper design would "homogenize" this into a "cleaner/stronger/lighter" bracketry.I love "what" your doing,just wonder about how practicable it is to the "nominal" XJ'r.