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Cheap Steering options


NAXJA Forum User
I have been reading the other posts, but didnt get all the answers i was looking for.. I am looking at upgrading my steering.. not reengineering the wheel, but just some slight upgrades.
My thought is the tie rod flip inserts (goferit) and a ZJ V8 left tie rod assembly, and a RHD XJ drag link/ tie rod.. will these work together?
i am thinking of this because my left outer tie rod could use replacement.. it is totally seized in the "tie rod" as is the inner tre. so i am thinking of replacing everything while i am there.. dont really have the time for fabbing up a cross over w/ hiems.. so i was looking at what i could do for possibly under $125-$100.... or should i go with the PSC for $175... thanks..
PSC is Poison Spyder Customs