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NOS/86 said:
looks like you can down runnaway the hard way . or i'm pretty sure it is runaway. 2 ridges over from the peanut butter hole right . got about 6 or 7 hills going up .

to be honest i ride more at night than i do during the day on aetna . i know about 95% of the riding area . i'll have a couple of trucks with me that knows the aera good too . plus j.hall and the couple with him know the area pretty good also .

I was about 3/4 of the way up and the front slid off the side of the path I was on. When I got completely sideways it went over. 2 flips to the bottom and landed on the side. I drove it out, but the top, windshield and frame, roll cage, hood, grill, and fender were toast. Put a nice ripple under my door openings too.

It used to be a pretty Jeep.
You can tell in the pic that it was a good looking cj. That sucks.

I just got my ass x-rayed and Ive got a fractured tail bone. Doc gave me some good pain pills so Im still in. Looking forward to it! Lol, I kinda sound like Hotrod! Some of yall know who Im talkin about. :)
Aight fellas,

ASSUMING my XJ makes it to Chattanooga (it's been one of those weeks), I'll see you guys Saturday morning. It'll be a gametime decision whether or not I actually take mine on the trail or just hitch a ride with one of you. I've never taken her offroad, and the 4WD is kinda....flaky.
so everyone will know ....i'm going to try and be at cracker barrel about 9:30am

i'll be the fat guy in a black ford expedtion with a red cherokee on the trailer .
yes , still got the beadlocks ..... i have no idea how many will show . i know at least 10 to 15 ..

if anyone wants to ride shotgun i got a open seat .
where was everbody ?
heres who showed


props to DSPILOT he hung with us all day , super nice guy , looked like his boys had a blast .
props to wizardpc also ...... he rode with me , all day !
jimmy t from the RRR board showed up in his 1-ton xj "very sweet rig"

and thanks for the rest of the guys that showed "my normal group orangetj(aka lt99ls1) and greenyota(ricky aka cashed)" great ride

if anyone wants to try for another ride .....i'm in just everyone show up next time .
GaOutlaw couldnt get out of bed and my other friend didnt want to eat at Cracker Barrel. I just said F%@$ it and stayed at home. Maybe we can make the next one. Sorry, sounds like we missed alot of fun.