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Info. for Rides of March 2010

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Spring, Tx
NAXJA Red River Chapter's Rides of March 2010
Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
Gilmer, Texas
March 19th - 21st, 2010
This is an open event and tickets will be $25.00 (on-line) and $30 (on-site), per rig, for competitors, GATE FEES NOT INCLUDED.
Competitors will receive 1 Event T-Shirt, 1 Event Sticker, 1 Chili Cook-off Wrist Band and 2 Raffle Tickets.
On-Line Tickets will include a full color, laminated map of BMRA.
Additional T-Shirts, Sticker, Wrist Bands and Raffle tickets will be available.
On-Line Tickets / Pre-Registration is from Oct. 1st, 2009
and close on Feb. 28th, 2010​

Points will be awarded to each driver/spotter team in every event. The top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in points will receive prizes.

Blind Mans Run:
This will be an at will event and only for fun. You don’t not have to compete in it nor does it have a bearing on your score for the events on Saturday. The driver will be blind folded and has to trust on the eyes and direction of their spotter. This will take place on flat ground in a roped off course with no obstacles. Points will be deducted for going out of bounds and backing up.
RTI Ramp:
Sponsored by SuperLift Offroad Park
RTI Ramp scoring will take place when the safety inspection is done. The ramp will be at 20*. All wheels must remain in contact with the ground/ramp. The distance the vehicle can travel up the ramp without loosing contact with the ground is measured from the leading edge of the ramp itself to the point on the ramp just below the center of the hub of the wheel on the ramp. The distance is measured up the ramp and on the ramp, not to the actual hub of the wheel. That number is the divided by the vehicles wheelbase and then multiplied by 1000 to calculate the average. For example if a vehicle with a 81 inch wheelbase traveled 59 inches up a 20 degree ramp then the RTI would be calculated as: 59 divided by 81 x 1000 = 728 (rounded down). RTI score will be multiplied by 100 to reach final score.

Timed race that travels through 2 trails of BMRA. The course will be on trails ratings 2 and 3. Fastest times in each class wins. Each team will be released once the previous team has finished the course If you are not able to complete the course due to breakage or what ever other reasons, your time will be a set time that will be decided before the event starts. Extrication teams will be set up through out the course to help recover your vehicle and clear up the trails. Times will be multiplied by 100 and then subtracted from 1,000 to reach final score.
Rock Crawl:
A “Points by Distance” trip through the rock garden of BMRA. The farther you go in the rock garden, the more points you acquire. Each driver/spotter teams will earn 100 points for every foot they travel.

Chili Cook-Off:
Chili must be home made or cooked on site, not store bought or canned chili. The person who made the chili must be present a RoM to win chili cook-off. Voting will take place by silent vote. Ballots will be handed out, one ballot per wrist band, and every one will write down their top choice chili and turn in their votes.
People who want to be Chili Cook -Off Competitors please email us at [email protected].

Raffle is open to anyone attending the RoM and tickets will cost only $2.00 a piece.

Registration/Check-in Times and Event Schedule

Registration/Check-in Times:

Friday: 12pm to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 8am
Registration and RTI scoring will be held at the pavilion. Late Re-registration (for those who failed their first inspection ONLY) will be open till 8:30am.
Once registration closes, no more entries will be allowed
Event Schedule:

Blind Mans Run
5:30pm to 7pm

Meet and Greet
6pm - 9pm
Will be held at the pavilion.
Concessions will be available.
Concessions Hosted by The Red River Chapter
and The Arkansas Crawlers
Trails close at 10pm sharp. Everyone must be back at their camp sites by then.

Mandatory Drivers Meeting
8:30am - 9am
Held at the pavilion.
Concessions will be available.
Concessions Hosted by The Red River Chapter
and The Arkansas Crawlers

9:30am - 11am
Classes will compete in the order of Unlimited, Extreme, Modified, and
Stock. Once a class completes ChiaSpeed they move directly to the Rock Crawl.​

Rock Crawl
10:30am - Noon
Classes will compete in the same order as before.​

Noon - 1pm
Will be held at the pavilion.
Concessions will be available.
Concessions Hosted by The Red River Chapter
and The Arkansas Crawlers

Guided Trail Rides or Free Ride
1pm - 6pm
Go explore the many fun trails of BMRA​

Chili Cook-Off
6:30pm - 7:30pm

7:30 - 8pm

Awards Presentation
8pm - 8:30pm
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I forgot to add that the FIRST 5 people to register on-line gets a free NAXJA hat.
NAXJA Red River Chapter’s Rides of March 2010 Raffle prizes will be provided by the following sponsors:

NAXJA and The Red River Chapter
Tom Wood’s Custom Drive Shaft
AJ’s Offroad Armor
JCR Offroad
DGP Offroad
Ruff Stuff Specialties
W.O.R.P. Speed & Off Road
And More.
Raffle will be open to anyone at the park and you have to be present to win.
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