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Changing from straps to Ubolts 8.25 D30


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Anybody got any info or opinions on drilling out the pinions for Ubolts rather than the straps, mine straps keep stretching. Is this a good idea? What vehicle should I get them for when going to the autoparts store? Thanks
For my 8.25 I used u-bolts from the "misc. parts section at pepboys or autozone". I found some that were close in size, heated them up a bit with a torch then slightly bent them in a vice, drilled out the 8.25 yoke, and problem solved no more broken straps!!!
I just drilled out the threads on the 8.25 yoke and put in u-bolts. No tear down is required. It was for Yuccaman. I'm pretty sure he is still running it. Can't say on the D30 front.
Nope, I don't have it anymore - sold that awhile back but it was about 5 minutes' labor and 20 minutes setup if I remember correctly...
on my 88 xj d-44 pinion yoke-
i tried the drill-out method..
& the threaded portions of the U-bolts (replacement part style) bent so badly as i torqued down the nuts (they were pushing into the sides of the yoke as they threaded downward)
Then when i removed the Ubolts i had to tap them out w/ a hammer Thus marring the threads badly - and making them basically useless..

as i said this was on a d-44 yoke -- Maybe the 8.25 yoke is shaped differently so that the nuts aren't bending the u-bolts As Badly when u tighten em..
My fix--
paid $7 each at the local PULL-A-PART to get the correct pinion yoke(s) from a FSJ Wagoneer, got 2 one for the front d-30 also :)
I was told some dodge trucks have an 8.25 yoke that uses u-bolts, and are a bolt in replacement. I havent been able to find one myself yet, but the source of the info is reliable, so I'll be hitting him up about it again. If you find one, please post it back here. I have my d30 converted already.