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CB pros, I've screwed up my ant

Here's the pic

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That is the correct installation.
Why do you think it is assembled incorrectly ? Looks correct to me.

FireStik has large and comprehensive FAQ and Trouble shooting sections with pictures and diagrams. Right Channel Radios is another excellent resource.
There is a possibility that the coax terminal is directional in installation. What are you doing with all the extra length of the coax cable?
The fire ring end does have a specific orientation.
Is there not a better option these days? I've been using Motorola walkies with my buddy.. be nice to have something that can talk to a group tho. Gotta believe there is better option than the old cb radios here in the 21st century?
I'm with Tim - are you experiencing anything to indicate the radio isn't receiving/transmitting OK? Have you done a VSWR check on it since reassembly?
CB is still relevant. Cheap, easy to install, and most 4x4's have one.

Some people are are moving to FRS/GMRS FM radios.
Is HAM and/ or gmrs backwards compatible with CB? Or ya need both? I think CBS still are popular but maybe becoming less so?
Got Baofeng radios. most of this crew had CB so that's what we used.

after some field testing, one rig could hear me loud and clear, other could not. so something is still messed up but better than I expected.

extra wire is coiled under passenger floor mat.
no diagnostics on radio, hence the thread
Coiling the cable is bad, also your antenna position effects where you get the best reception and with yours you should get the best reception from the left/rear.
Coiling the cable is bad, also your antenna position effects where you get the best reception and with yours you should get the best reception from the left/rear.
Bad enough to make the signal disappear??

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Yes coiling acts as a choke, you also need to tune the antenna with a SWR meter.
Btw, you didn't mention the type and length of the antenna?
GMRS operates up in the 450MHz range, CB is 27MHz. The two will not talk to one another. FRS operates on most of the same frequencies as GMRS, just at lower power levels (also, FRS cannot use repeaters like GMRS).

Shoeter, can you be more specific on what you mean by "HAM"? If you mean the ubiquitous "2-meter", that's around 155MHz, and also not "inter-operable" with CB (in "HAM" terms, CB's 27MHz is in the "11 meter" band).

It's like they say - "use the right tool for the job". Sometimes FRS/GMRS is the right tool, sometimes it's CBs, sometimes it's Ham. I noticed recently that CB cuts through foliage (leaves) easier than the higher-frequency FRS/GMRS, for example.

VSWR tuning of the antenna/radio is very important, as Tim mentions - websites such as Walcott Radio have good instructions on how to do this, it isn'

are nCan you tell us a little more about the two other radios in your test? where they were in relation to you at the time, how far away?
Both rigs were about 100 yds apart in line of sight.

They belong to friends and don't live closeby so no real knowledge of their setups

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