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Hood flew up (my fault)


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Metro Detroit
Long story short: Was working under the hood and I left it unlatched (on purpose to come back later to finish). In my hasty departure due to a family emergency, I hopped in my XJ, got up to 40 and the hood flew open. No damage to windshield, but the metal "shoulders" on the ends of the HVAC cowl are dented, the HVAC cowl is in pieces and the hood has a dent caused by the passenger side wiper post. Most of that is cosmetic and I can deal some of that. however, the real issues are:
1) The hood goes up and down, but now has a 3/4" gap between the front clip and the hood and rubs on the firewall.
2) The rear of the hood is raised by the hinges. It looks as if I put 1/2 spacers on the hinges for cooling. I did not. the shims in the pics are factory.
3) I took the hood and hinges off and noticed the hood no longer sat correctly. I used a little muscle to reshapre the curve of the hood and it seems to be much better. But I also noticed that some of the glue(?) from the skin to the cross-bracing is no longer doing its job. Is this going to be a problem when I get new hinges and re-install everything?

So, is this simply a matter of getting some hinges from my local u-pull and replacing my current ones, or are there likely more issues going on here?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!