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CAN bus to CCD bus Protocol Translator(Chrysler PCM Simulator)

I searched a long time to find Factory PCM Plugs. What I really wanted was a male version so I could make a "plug and play" harness that doesn't modify the vehicle body / chassis harness. In the end, you can get replacement female plugs from Mopar but they are a bit pricey, around $30/ea if I recall. You can see part numbers in pic below. I never did find any male versions, short of people who hacked an old JTEC PCM to steal the connector. It doesn't look like a very clean or sustainable solution so I scratched that idea.

The connectors are/were manufactured by TE under the "Super Seal" line. I was able to locate the factory style 32-pin connectors, but none have the correct "keying" to match the factory connectors - I guess these were made specifically for and only supplied to Chrysler. It makes me wonder though, after seeing the link in this thread to other PCMs that look to have same form factor & connectors. If you cut/grind the keys off, this will technically work in the factory PCM:

Then, I found a "newer" version of the Super Seal connector, in 26 and 34 positions. Both male/female versions are readily available. I see these commonly used in other PCM applications. Holley is using these on their Dominator EFI system and you can buy some pre-made harnesses from them:

As far as I know the connectors specific to the JTEC controllers may not be made to be in stock all the time anymore, but can be special bulk ordered in many thousands. I found this out when trying to find some of the AMP branded(Tyco/TE owned) connectors with specific keying for some of the sensors. The other road block is that many of the available product drawings have been digitally redrawn by TE from the original hand drawn AMP documents losing a lot of the original information such as part numbers.

This is the ecm connector cleaned up.

Nothing too complicated just meticulous.

The extension harness wasn't too hard to make with a spare had ecm. No connection issues as of yet. I had thought of taping off the ecm side and pouring a soft potting material into the wires to set them in place.
Odometer is incremented by it listening to the DIST_INCR_ID (0x84) code. So the microcontroller has to calculate the distance traveled since the last transmission based on speed and time then send it using 0x84.

Thanks, do you have any updated code that increments DIST_INCR_ID?

What IDE you are using? Having to workaround some issues with #include.

Also wanted to let you know I tried using an Intersil CDP68HC68S1E chip instead of the CAN transceiver and it worked as well!

Thanks, do you have any updated code that increments DIST_INCR_ID?

What IDE you are using? Having to workaround some issues with #include

I have a work in progress Haltech branch on my laptop. Right now I am blocked on the overall MJ project due to needing the mounting bolt for the knock sensor; which is on the way.

I am just using a text editor, TextMate, to edit the code. However, I have started using Visual Studio Code lately for C# work.
I originally had a DAC in this design to send an analog TPS signal to the transmission controller. Which also included a logic level converter for the 3.3v to 5v conversion. I had a power supply and a LLC light on fire so I said, "Screw it, I will build my own transmission controller that uses CAN bus."

After a lot of frustration and lighting a few wires on fire the prototype is assembled. It passes all tests on the work bench so now I just have to test it in vehicle.


I have a XJ gauge cluster ,want connect to my car ECU(Delphi MT20U) with MCU.
When cluster turn on alone,it send some data and repeat about 1sec.
What does that mean?

I am looking into potentially making this a retail product for people to buy. Something cheaper than aftermarket gauge setups that retains more functionality would be useful to people doing engine swaps.

I'm working on swapping a early 1UZ into a 01. Plans initial are to use both ecms. The early 1UZ computer doesn't have any CAN features that I am aware of. Later on, like to switch to a MS3, Jeep TCU and run the cluster without the Jeep ecm.
Went to look at the github link and it's 404... I take you pulled it down? :(

Basically, yes. Any existing copies are still valid under the GPL v3 license. I have been approached by a couple companies to purchase the rights to it outright. That's not going to happen though and I will be producing my own product from it.(Assuming all goes well in my own personal world.)
I need to check this forum more often I guess. I have the Chrysler CCD bus standard from SAE, I can't give it away as it is copyrighted but if you have any specific questions I can look through it for you.

This is right up my alley... If you want a custom PCB designed to minimize the number of components involved, let me know, I enjoy working on the kind of stuff. It has always bothered me watching people run two ECUs or gut their stock cluster and fill it with gaudy aftermarket gauges when doing a swap.

I'm actually working on a very similar project for the FSJ world right now since I accidentally bought a J10 to build instead of building the MJ I bought.
I have a copy of that particular document as well. Though I found out about it well after I sat down to do all the reverse engineering.(Argh!)

I am moving into a 30x50 shop over the next two weeks and everything is packed away at the moment.
I am in the process of integrating a haltech 2500 in my Colorado, would you have any information about the 04 Colorado can bus system and address for the cluster?
I am in the process of integrating a haltech 2500 in my Colorado, would you have any information about the 04 Colorado can bus system and address for the cluster?

As far as I know that uses GM LAN CAN bus. There is plenty of documentation around the internet for that protocol.

I am still working on interfacing GM LAN CAN bus. I have a L99/6L80 swap in my LJ tentatively planned for later this year to help validate anything I do. Right now I have Chrysler SCI bus and Subaru Select Monitor 3 in the queue to be worked on as well.