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Broken Images

Zuki-Ron just pointed that out. I'll dig into that later today.
Are you seeing them now?
For some reason, I'm not able to configure FireFox 3 to display broken image links. Can you post up a link to a thread with the broken image (along with *WHERE* in the display the image should be?)
i see no broken images in profiles, but anywhere there is a quote i see a red x where there should be a button to view the post...

i just scrolled down, and i dont see a red x on this, the reply to thread screen, but i do see the X when actually viewing the thread.

im on iE7 XP if that helps any.
odd, when i click your link, i get red x's everywhere....but if i click your name and select "view profile" it shows up fine. :dunno:
Okay, sort of a Gengis Khan solution........ but did it work?