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bolts for skids


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Hey all,

I have gotten real lucky with a '91 xj that my bro and I wheeled this past SAT at PAragon.

I am even luckier to have bought, bid and got a Front skid and a transfer case skid for it. Already had a gas tank skid.

What bolts do I need to buy for this installation? I want to wheel again SAT.

It is a 4x4 auto.

For the front skid, run a Google on "Swiss Army Jeep" -- that should get you to Craig Houghtaling's personal web site, and in his tech articles he has one on lowering the front skid to adapt for a lifted vehicle. I think he covers the bolt/stud sizes.

The transfer case skid uses thread-serts. You'll need three or four, two for the cross member and either one or two for the driver's side frame rail. The bolt size is 5/16, and the thread-serts have a 1/2" outside diameter. You press them into the holes in the cross member or frame, then collapse them like pop rivets to lock them in place.
Thanks Eagle.

First thing to do tomorrow morning.

BTW, where do I get this stuff(threadzerts) and what type of bolt? Any specific grade or would any auto part store know?
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Houghtaling said:
1 foot of 1¼" square thick-wall tubing (1/8"+), for the rear spacers.
4 (ea) 10mm Grade 8 bolts, 50mm long (2") 1.50mm pitch, for the rear fasteners.
24" of 1½" x ¾" steel bar stock, for the front spacer. (or 1"~1¼" x ¾)
{Or if you're replacing the front studs, an additional 24" of 1¼ square tubing,
and 3 (ea) 8mm x 50mm x 1.25 pitch bolts}
Remember that he's giving fastener lengths to drop the skid -- for a stock installation the lengths will be shorter but the size and thread pitch will be the same.