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Bent D30 Axle Tube Disconnect to Non Disconnect


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Eureka, CA
Well I bent my D30 tube today and I have a 1986 NP207 with a vacuum disconnect D30. What does it take to swap to a non-disconnect D30 with this set up? Thanks a lot.
Mine was pretty much a bolt up project I even pulled all the old vac lines out when I did it. But this was also on a 87 with a 231. There is alot of difference between the 2.
What engages the hub in the non disconnect D30? When you did the swap it was just plug the vacuum lines, bolt it up and you were good to go? Thanks.
There's a switch on the back of the tcase that is actuated by the shift lever (it's actually just a ball valve). This switch provides vacuum to the shift motor and slides a coller accross the two inner long aside shafts.

Rip off all the vacuum lines to the tcase and from it. Plug where it connects to the vacuum harness. Bolt in a non-disco axle. Enjoy it.
So A non disconnect axle would/should just bolt right in. The only extra bit would be to plug the vacuum lines at the transfer case. Is this right? I know hoe the vacuum works but how exactly does the non disconnect work? Are both shafts spinning all the time and the only thing that engages it into 4wd is the transfer case? Thanks.
Yup. That's how it works.

You'll just need two caps I think. I'm not sure, I used a plug over the vacuum switch and capped it back where it connects to the vacuum harness up by the engine.
Need a little more information on this. Will the drive shaft from the 86 with the 207, its GKN style need any adapters etc to bolt up to a non disconnect dana 30 from a 1992?