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Beginners Bash 4/3/2021


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Tualatin, OR
How about a nice day in the Tillamook State Forrest! I know everyone is itching to get out of the house.

Saturday, April 3rd. 930am Rogers Staging Area (Rodgers Trail Head)

Who is invited?
- Everyone, any rig any type, size, and capability
- Even if you have never put it in 4x4 before
- Come on out and see how it handles.
We will take it slow, enjoy the scenery, and hopefully pass along some good advice on pumpkin protection, approaching obstacles, and the skinny pedal.

Share with family and friends, spread the good word :party:

Meet up at 9:30, be on our way shortly after.
Post up, if you're going to show up. Service there is spotty, so plan accordingly.

Bring a lunch, we will find a place along the way, to stop for lunch. We can share the morning's stories, while safely standing 6 feet apart, yelling at each other with masks on. :rtm:

What is the Plan?
A nice tour through some trails
Happy Meal, to University Firepower, to cedar Tree

You can find a trail map here

It's geo-referenced if you want to plug it into your GPS.

If we have more time, we can open it up to more trails. I know last time I was up, Cedartree was closed part way. Hopefully, it's open and we can take photos under the iconic big tree.

You do need to have a valid OHV permit on your vehicle, you can purchase one at the shell station right up the road from the turn to Rodgers/browns. https://goo.gl/maps/NzVANu6NLTSU3iWN7 believe you can even get them at Cabelas and Dicks.. Think Bimart as well..

Please make sure your rig is in working order, its best if you have tow points front and rear. Just in case you need a tug. Although the trails we will be on are pretty tame and enjoyable.

Hope you come on out for some fun!
Totally could be. Really we can make it a game time call. Some people may want to peel off and forrest road it out. We can always zip over to other trails. Always options.

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