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Beasley Knob ORV area May 17th

Georgia Mike

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Anyone be interested in a little get together at Beasley on May 17th? I'm gonna be at Tellico the next weekend for the IFSJA Fullsize Invasion to check out some of my FS brethren,and the wife has me on lockdown for at least the next two weekends for HI projects:rolleyes:. I'd like to get at least one other vehicle to go to Beasley with me. Mark,if you wanna go this time,we'll go a different,more fun route (the route I almost rolled my OranJeepXJ on):) Any takers???? :dunno:
I might be up for it. I will have to work things out with work but i would like to swing it. Are you on the Southern Jeeps board? I am Matt Gann.
Are you planning on going up and just riding for the day or maybe camping? I live down by Macon so I would like to camp, kinda splits the drive up.
I'll probably just make it a round trip in one day. It's only about an hour's drive for me. I'm sure if we get others to go,someone else may wanna camp out,though. Heck,if enough people camp,I may just do it,too :D
Cool, hopefully some other folks will come. My wife and I will camp either way most likely. Some folks from SJ may want to come if you don't mind.
Hey Mike I'll be there with winch ready.;)
Just let me know where and when you want to meet
and i'll be there.
I'll bring the spare tie rod with me also.
Actually i think I may have met him. There are very few Jeepers here so when you meet one you remember them. I have seen one lifted XJ, and maybe 2 Wranglers. Kinda sad.

I have a friend that has a TJ (from Chattanooga) that wants to come to Beasley. What all trails will we be riding? Anything really hard? I hear that since the "Gradeing" none of it is real tough.

Myself and my friend will be camping if anyone else wants to join us.
I probably will be missing this trip...got one huge honey-do list, plus maybe get up to NAC Fest at the end of the month if things work out.
So we got:

1. Matt
2. Mike
3. Mark
I am going to be camping near Ellijay Friday night if anyone is interested.
I'm gonna try to make it. I gotta do 2 things first, swap my gas tank ( no, I still ain't done it) and find a baby sitter.
where is Beasley Knob ORV. i live near charlotte, nc. directions please.
Beasley is in North Georgia in the town of Blairsville. Come down I-85 south,get off on the Jefferson exit. It will be the SECOND exit that says "Gainesville". It will also say "Road Atlanta",sorry,I can't remember the exit # :( This is HWY 53. Take this road until you reach Oakwood,and the I-985...........Heck man.......I'll tell you what,you may wanna give www.mapquest.com a shot first,I may just get you confused and lost :laugh: Anyway,the way I was taking you is the most direct way,but is still gonna be about a 5 hour drive for you :( If you want,we can meet up in Oakwood and you can just follow me the rest of the way. That would be the easiest way! I'll be heading out about 6:45 AM,stop at Curt's (good restaurant in Oakwood) for breakfast,and be getting onto I-985 N at around 7:15. E-mail me if you'd rather just meet up. [email protected]
how are the trails there? "THEY" say i need rock rails for tellico, but i do very well in uwarrie. 30X9.50 M/Ts 1" lift "stock & unlocked"
Well...it's pretty comparable to Uwharrie. Mostly easy to moderate stuff,with a few difficult sections thrown in,which we will be hitting. I'd have to say Kodak @ Uwharrie is comparable to some of the more rough sections. I don't know how it is now that we've had all these storms lately,but last year the forestry service graded all but the most difficult stuff down to what amounted to dirt roads. A few locals have been up there recently and have reported that it's starting to return to it's old glamour :) Your call,just be forwarned that Mark and I generally like doing the rougher stuff. You may get some trail rash,but it won't be anything severe. We'll be there to help guide you through if you get into any trouble,and we NEVER leave anyone behind:D

I-85S to Hwy53N to Branch Rd turn Lt 6:45am Curt's cafetera. about the same if you come to uwarrie, i was at uwarrie last weekend the trails or in good shape fun to wheel not to hard on stuff the kodak rock not to washed out a couple of SWVa4W jeeps climbed it. hope to see you if i'm not in jail that weekend.:D
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