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5-0 No Mo.


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To those that know me.....

Calling it quits after 29 years of law enforcement. 9/2 is my last day.

Would have loved to cap it at the 30 mark, but it's gotten much to crazy, just isn't worth it. Not to this old dog.... the new tricks no can do. And can't even briefly glance at a black person without starting a dadgum riot. When are they gonna realized true equality will NEVER be attained by demanding and rioting for special treatment..... :banghead:

What's next for me? Fortunately I married well, she's making enough now that I don't have to work if I don't want to.... probably go nuts if I don't find something else at least part time to do. Have a potential gig as a fleet manager and facilities manager for my wife's employer.... we'll see.

Otherwise, I'm now the house bitch, and when I'm not catching up on the honey-do list, I'll be wrenchin on my '49 Chevy rat rod, building yard art, or driving the piss outta the Hellcat or my recently acquired '20 Chrysler 300s Hemi.

Wishing nothing but the best for you, buddy, and thanks for those years of service!
It's mostly a thankless job in normal times, not sure how anybody wants to do it now.

And I agree with the old guy, build another jeep! Would love to wheel with you again.
I think the last time involved that unfortunate balloon incident on Pritchett
Lol @ " unfortunate balloon incident"

Off camber + helium = bad ju-ju!

I'd serious entertain a rental jeep at an event sometime, but I wouldn't use a jeep enought to justify building/owning one.
Congrats Troy! The wife and I thank you for keeping us safe over the years.

I agree with everything you said about the current environment. Speaking of timing, our daughter graduated in May from Metro with a Criminal Justice Degree. At this point she is quite content not going into law enforcement. We do consider ourselves lucky that she did not drink the kool-aid they serve at most colleges, and she understands the need for law and order.
Hard to do a job when you are being made out to be the bad guy and the criminal spun off into the image of a saint. These groups are also targeting law enforcement making it possible to be murdered easily today. You know it's all down hill when a career criminal who was high on lethal doses of methamphetamine and phentanyl and passes away and is given a golden casket funeral for living the life of a pos .
Congrats, Troy. I'll raise a glass to ya, and then maybe you can come join me for one! :cheers:
can't blame ya one bit! enjoy your time off
CONGRATULATIONS Troy!!! Thank you for your service and hope to see you soon!
Congrats I walked away last year at 19 years in. Best move I ever made. I got a cushy civilian job, nights, Holidays, weekends off, better pay, better benefits, nobody trying to fight me, spit in my food, shoot me.....I miss my co-workers but thats it. I thought Id miss the job but I dont.