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Be jealous


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So I know you are already jealous since I get paid to drive my xj and you dont, but hold on to your hats; my upper shock bolts came out silky smooth today! Last week when I was putting my rebuilt axle in I looked up in there, because shocks were next on the list, and was saddened to see that the shock mount was completely caked and filled with mud and rocks :eek: I cleaned out several pounds with a screw driver and sprayed them down good with pb blaster and prayed for the best. My new air shocks came in so today I put the ratchet on there dreading how long this was going to take and behold, all four of them came out without nary a hitch! :shocked: Now granted, this has had shocks put on it sometime in the past, but by the looks of them it was a long time in the past and I did not see a drop of anti-sieze anywhere. Anyway my new air shocks are on and a great day for me!
You must be from back east. Back east they use antiseize on everything... out here we put Loctite on everything;-)
From the middle! But the jeep is from japan, and since ive never encountered a stock bolt on this rig ive long suspected that it must of come with some sort of anti corrosion coating. My 84 rx7 was the same way, lived its life in kansas city but everytime I worked on it every bolt came out smooth as butter.
Next you need to buy a lottery ticket.

Congrats on the bolts. I understand the apprehension.