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BAD Borla/clearance issues.


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I was running about 5.5 inches of lift with a Borla header and only when REALLY flexed out did the front DS ever hit the downpipe section of the header and indented it a little bit. After re-doing the lift, im about 3 inches, perhaps even a little less in the front. Now when I make a turn at moderate speed, a turn at the bottom of the hill, drive over a big pothole, or anything that makes the suspension flex up on the driver's side, the Double Cardan Joint of the front DS GRINDS into the header.
It happens a whole lot everytime I go out and the once little *ding* the DS made into the side of the header is now a big ol nasty looking dent that has crimped in around 20% of the diameter of the header.
Ive tried things to reduce sway like upping the setting on my rancho 9000s and switching to poly swaybar bushings (they rock!) and while they help a bit, I still grind away when turning right. On the trail when im discoed, it grinds just driving through rocks and ruts. Im really afraid im going to tear a hole in my header. Did Borla design these things for lifted rigs, or does anyone have one at stock height. Do you think this could be warranted?
My self and my buddy both run borla's and have both had the same problem. But it's not the header thats the problem. I can almost garantee that you have a bad drivers side motor mount. This was the problem on both of our Jeeps. I just installed my new bomb proof motor mounts from M.O.R.E.'s. These mounts are awsome and actually raised the motor about a 1/2"
Mine did the same thing, but I just let it self clerance :D I went full with, 44 and 60 and havent had any more problems, the diff sits a little more to the drivers side.

So everybody just go full width :D
yeah, axle is centered. Funny, I changed my crapped out (crumbled/non-existant) motor mounts and jello-like tranny mount not too long ago and it definitely helped with drivetrain movement. Crawling it or hitting the throttle in 4lo (when the drivetrain would move the most) doesnt make the sound. It definitely comes when the suspension is cycling.
I guess Ill take the front up a bit?
Mine does the same thing. Only when fully flexed though. But I am at about 5.5 of lift and the axle is a little on the drivers side. My stock pipe was dented too.