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Walled Lake, MI
I've got 6" to 7" of lift and the usual trimming on the front under the side marker and BFH trim job out back of my XJ. My question is will 33s and wheels with 4" backpacing work or will there be clearence problems? Right now I've got 32s and 767s with 4.75" backspacing and zero problems. I'm going wheeling and have some brand new 33" Grabber M\Ts on the 4" bs wheels or could use my half worn 32"s MTR's on the 4.75" bs wheels. What would you do? Oh yeah gearing isn't a problem.:confused:
The only way you will know is to flex it and see. That is a lot of lift for 33" tires but it doesn't sound like you have a lot of trimming either. Bumpstops is what you need with what ever set up you go with to limit your travel from rubbing.

If it helps, I have 4.5" of lift and YJ flares (significant trimming) and I run 33x12.5's on 3.75 BS rims but I have about 3" bumpstops up front, nothing in the back (the back will totally depend on the springs/shackles/blocks/etc you are using. I could easily run 35's but would have to add longer bumpstops again to do so safely.