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auto trans cooling hose


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Which cooling hose on my aw 4 is the return line? The one I want to interupt to install my outboard cooler. When looking at the tranny, the front one or the rear one? Or when looking at the radiator, the top or the bottom? Thanks.
Cool, I don't have to make my own post :) I'm picking up my XJ tomarrow and plan on installing a tranny cooler ASAP. I might be doing some towing with it and it doesn't have the factory tow package so I definately want to supliment the existing cooler.
Take good care when routing the hoses keeping them away from abrasion/cutting damage. Also if connecting a hose to a cut steel line, double clamp that hose with very good clamps. Have seen them blow off with some age and is a real mess and will leave you stranded.