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August 19 Meet and Greet - Layton


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Sandy, UT
The next event is scheduled to be a meet and greet at Cafe Rio in Layton. That is Friday August 19, say aim for 6:30 or tell me when you would like to meet.

As always, please post up if you are interested. The VP and I get tired of just talking to each other as happened at the last couple that were not cancelled.
I'm thinking about it, though the traffic might make me a bit late. Anybody still going?
I am talking about the Cafe Rio that is off Antelope Drive (West 2000 North) which is approximately 750 West near North Harris Blvd. (~1 Block north of W
2000 North). Let me know whether you are definitely going and if you will be there at 7:00 or when so I know whether it's worth driving up from Sandy.
If it's just us then lets meet up in Sandy instead!
We can do Sandy. I just called the VP and he says 7:00 would work better for him. So, Cafe Rio at Quarry Bend which is ~1000 East 9400?
Yup that will work for me, 7:00 is fine.