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Are there XJs in your neighborhood?


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As it says.

In my neighborhood, and of course I can’t see inside garages or what people have driven away for the day, when I am out walking the dog I don’t see any XJs. A WJ at the end of my street, some four-door wranglers, a couple new Grands (WK idk) even a matched pair of Patriots with sequential license plates.

But no XJs that I see except for my own. So, are they in your neighborhood?
House a block away from me has one in the back yard. Another half block away there was one that came to visit fairly regularly (only ever saw it parked at the curb, mid-day--so I assume it didn't live there).

I see plenty of them on the road, but not nearly as many as JKUs and JLs.
A couple. There’s a modified one that I see driving down the street regularly, haven’t figured out where they live yet.

A nice stock 91 or so limited that someone is keeping as a car for their kid. Would be a nice resto project

White 2 door 2wd SE

Black 4 door 2wd. Grill is removed and replaced with expanded metal
I've got at least ten within a 1/2 mile radius!
There are a 2 or 3 , 4 door xj's near me and there are two 2 door xj's both the same color of blue I hardly ever see 2 door xj's around here then to have two alike in such a small town
There's a 2-dr Laredo package up the street from me. Fully stock and a slightly different shade of maroon than my 92, but very similar to what mine looked stock (save for the extra doors).

Security force at work has a 2K, but it's parked (they have two Explorers they're using now), and just before bugging out for the holidays I spotted a lifted 97+ in the parking lot on my way out one night. Used to be a stock red early model at work as well, but haven't seen it in a while so the owner may be doing the "work from home" thing.

I even see one here and there on the roads still, but that's becoming a bit less frequent...
Well there are 4 in my driveway, the neighbor has 3 (my son).And alt least 2 others in the neighborhood. Always see 2 or 3 when I go to town.Some lifted and some stock.
Neighbor two doors down. '95;4 door; 5 speed on 31s
Neighbor has one across the street from me, seems to have been sitting for a long time. The hitch has rusted and fallen off it has been sitting so long. It does have a factory external spare tire holder on it and looks to be a 97 due to the blue SPORT decals on the fenders.
I found one when I was passing through the next neighborhood up, I think it was a lifted 97+. Also there is a lifted 97+ near the 7-11 on Jefferson. Not many just driving around.
A bunch (10+) lifted XJ's in my neighborhood. Tried talking to a few of them, but they are a lot more interested in talking about what beer to drink on the trail than Naxja.
On my dead end street we have 2 ZJs, 2 XKs, and one XJ. All of them belong to me except one of the XKs.
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Well shucks...

Iff'n we are counting our own then it is practically a no-brainer.

And if we are counting other types of Jeeps then I am well nigh surrounded. I have a TJ on one side, a KL across the street and a CJ on the other side. And those are just the ones I can see from my front door.
I just moved about a month ago about 15 miles from my previous location seen a few jk's no xj's so far.
So now are you 114 miles from nowhere or 84 miles from nowhere?
Ah, so you've been seeing Bruce Springsteen around the area then? :D