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Anyone Use Rough Country??


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Ok, the deal is i'm a really cheap b*stard. I want to be able to fit bigger tires for mud not really rocks, so in other words i really dont' care about a horrible ride or tons of flex. So how are the Rough Country 3" and 4.5" rear spring packs?? All i'm looking to know is if they really give that lift height and if they sag down quickly. If not rough country how are rustys's 3" packs??? if i go 3" i'll go with 32's and if i go 4.5" i'll do 33's or 34's. Rubbing and chopping up the fenders does'nt bother me at all, i just want alot of meat and don't wanna worry about sagging springs in the future and it has to be cheap.

get dakota leafs from the junk yard. 4-4.5" lift rides good too. clears 31's good. Those and 2" blocks should clear 33's. If cheap is important.
If you want a cheap lift go with the dakota packs and blocks in the rear. For the front you can get a 2" spacer and I have heard that F-150 coils will give you around 2" of lift. I ran the RC 3" lift for a year, the rear was an AAL and a 1" block, the AAL did fine but I broke one of the blocks. The front coils sagged to about 2.5" but I like the soft ride from them.
CW. In the Rough Country instructions you did see the thing that said use the block OR the AAL but not both right.


I have the rough country 3" and it is a good place to start and thats it. I did get it from JC Whitney for $109 plus shipping. I am running 31 x 10.5 Superswamper SSR's and they hit the LCA's at full turn with the factory wheels. They also hit the factory flares in the rear on the freeway if ther is a good size dip. If you ran this kit and did a fender chop then ran big bumpstops you would probably get what you are looking for(no articulation just tire clearance for a 33")

when saying the dakota leaves that everyone talks about you mean use the whole pack except the main leaf and mate them all to my stock XJ main leaf? or bolt on the whole Dakota pack in place of my XJ pack?? thanx for the input guys.

Hey I have a 3 inch lift kit for sale including RE lower controller arms rough country springs rancho rs5000 shocks rancho leaf packs and RE extented shackles then all you have to do is get ubolts and your set. 300 + 50 shipping if you want it
I started out with a 3" RC kit...worked ok...the front springs were way stiff till i cycled ;) 'em some...but maybe it is because i have the lighter 2.5 engine...I eventually have replaced most of the kit piecemeal as i fine tune the suspension...I ran 33's with substantial front fender trimming...works good in mud with little rubbing if you pay attention to proper bumpstops.
Just whack the eyes off the dakota packs and add them to your xj main leaf. Thats whats on the wifes xj now and clears 31's with no rubbing and they stuff pretty good too. Add a two inch steel block and you'd probably clear 33's ok. Thats just the rear though. What to do in the front? You can be super cheap and clear 31's (4"spacer) but I dont know of a super cheap way to clear 32-33.
DPC, I noticed that the instructions for the kit said not to use them together, but if I have 3" lift coils why would I wan't a 1" or 2" lift in the rear? Many people run blocks and AAL's with no problems. I think RC was just covering their a$$ when they wrote those instrucions in case of a problem. Any way the rear set up on that kit is crap, I am much happier with my mixed MJ/XJ packs.
My first lift was the Rough Country 3". The only thing I would have done different would have been to ask for the long AAL's. The shortys are a little stiff and will bend the leaf packs where they end. It served me well.