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Anyone have any Used Coils?

I will have some Rusty's 3" and maybe some 4.5" in the next couple of weeks. My lift should be here in a couple of days and so I will know what I am keeping anad what I am getting rid of.
SO far he wants the 4.5's but the whole 3" kit or just the coils will be available about the same time, just let me know what you would like.
Used Coils

I got 3" procomp coils and 6" rub.exp. coils from my old lifts. Ive also got a 3" or 6" leaf setup, 33x12.50 TSL Radials on 15x10 black rockcrawler rims, d30,d35 , and 15x8 five star chrome steel rims. I live in pollock pines, CA.

My springs were just stock with 3" add a leaf too but they ran level. With a lift shackle you could be sitting where you want.
I just added a BB

After I put on the BB, with 1.5" rear shackle. The driver side just sagged. The spring still has a slight curve but not like the passenger side. So I decided to rebuild my leaf packs completely unless someone out there has a 3-4" leaf pack they want to get rid of. I don't know why this sagged all of a sudden, my only conculsion is that the extended shackle amplified the problem. The stock springs have over 130k on them. It was also a company truck for Proderosa Telephone Co. where they had it loaded with tools. The Add-a-leaf is about a year old.