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Anyone Ever Use...


NAXJA Forum User
Bolingbrook, IL
Anyone ever use the 3M Rubberized Spray Coating on their XJ? I know Mike at AJ's paints bumpers with it. I was thinking about doing the wheel wells with it. Should help with road noise AND it's cheaper than Herculiner and easier to apply. Something as good or better out there?
I've used it and it works pretty good in wheelwells and you can paintover it when dry, too. Just get things real clean first. I've also used plastic roof sealer under my rig, which dries to a shiny finish and provides a thick durable, sound dampening coating, but will flow and run if close to exhaust components.
Gil Bullykatz covered his whole XJ with it. Check the Winterfest forum for pics.

I'm not sure the brand though.