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Another xj to the crusher...


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East Tn
The misses got hit today.... She's ok, but the 99 limited got pretty mangled.... On the hunt for a facelift 2 door 5 speed I guess now.....

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Ole jeep did it's job of keeping her safe. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the other vehicle but the xj won the battle lol

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It's another sad day when we lose one!
id fix it, way better shape than both of my XJs i drive haha
It's in worse shape than the pics show, but if the insurance does me right and also is willing to sell it back cheap enough the misses wants a trail rig of her own.... 😁😁😁

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I was going to say it doesn't look much worse than my '96 after it came off 2nd best in a head to head with a 4x4 tractor - 'cept maybe for that wheel/tyre. (at least I was able to drive mine the few miles home)

If I'd known then what I do know I'd have fixed it up, but that was some years ago now - but I still have it, although much is now part of my '97 & '99.