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Advice for replacing my fuel pump


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I've got a 97 manual 4.0 that's running great, no issues. However, I've got a factory skid plate already, and I'm about to add shackle relocation brackets and a smittybuilt bumper/tire carrier after Xmas. All of the aforementioned stuff is bolted through the frame to a nut bar, so my sincere hope is to only have to get all that bolted up correctly once. In the back of my head, I have a fear that I'm going to do all of that, and then my factory fuel pump is going to give out (not because it's signaling anything, just because that'd be my luck).

I know what a pita it is to replace a fuel pump in these even without all the extra crap in the way. I've also read that a lot of the after market pumps are pretty terrible. If there's nothing wrong with this 25yo pump now, should I replace it while she's torn down or cross my fingers and pray it'll last another decade?

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My 2000 has a Class III frame hitch, a gas tank skid, a custom bumper with frame inserts, and Midwest road salt rust. When my fuel pump buys the farm, I am going to cut a hole in the cargo floor.