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Another 0331 to 0630 swap


NAXJA Forum User
Bought my 2000 about 6 months ago. Now using coolant and milky oil filler cap, even shortly after oil change. Assume cracked head. Scored a 1998 0630 head for $50 and matching stock header for $10 from craigslist. I know about the coil bosses and exhaust adaptation that needs to occur. I didn't get the old rocker arms, pivots, bolts, etc. Will the ones from my 2000 0331 be OK? Do these headers hold up or are they the one's with the cracking issues?
all i know is the head changed in 2000(also the axle), and that's why people go after 98-99 years, people usually steer clear of first year models meaning the 97 because it was the first year a lot of things changed. This of course is for people who prefer the newer look Xjs. I to just bought a 2000, i currently do not have head problems as far as i know, my oil is black and seems fine. i just get two error codes for now 301,201. But i to am thinking of changing my head before a problem arises.

there is this thread.

but i would like something with pics because well im good at self teaching myself, but i sure need something to go by.