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Alpine PMD-B200 Blackbird II Portable car navigation system with Bluetooth


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Well when I had my dodge magnum and had alpine everything I also had this nav unit. Well sold the car and kept some stuff to help recop some value.

THis is the Blackbird II portable or dockable unit. It is handheld if you want and take it anywhere or attach the mount on your windshield and clip it in your car when you want. Has full 100% bluetooth for your handsfree cell use. HAs a Large Color screen. Does 3d view or a few others.

I have to look in the box and see what all I still have for it. I docked it Inside my Alpine Headunit W505. So its excellent condition. About 5 months old. Still have receipt from crutchfield (over 450$) and under warr for like 7 more months.

Also has a SD card slot to load music or pictures in and view or listen to them on it.


From a few websites.
General Features:
  • GPS Navigation with Bluetooth Technology
  • 4" Wide touchscreen display
  • Dark gray panel with metallic buttons
  • Works as a single universal unit or plugs into IVA-W205
  • 2-year Sonic Electronix warranty
Navigation Features:
  • 10GB of preloaded maps of the United States and Canada
  • Preloaded 6 million points of interest, including gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and ATMs.
  • Able to create 10 waypoints per user generated trip
  • NAVTEQ Traffic capable (90-day trial)
  • Built-in antenna for better GPS reception
Expandability Options:
  • Capable of docking with IVA-W205 and be controlled by the receiver
  • 4GB maximum SD card support
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless and hands-free calling
  • Headphone output for private and non-intrusive listening
  • USB connection for charging and updating maps
Key Features:
  • Built-in MP3/WMA player
  • Power adapters for car and standard house plugs
  • Rechargeable battery (2 hours of life)
  • Lightweight design: 8oz.
  • Multiple mounting options: dashboard or windshield
Product Overview: The PMD-B200 Blackbird is a portable GPS navigator and digital entertainment system. Combined with detailed maps, the Blackbird provides automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, and touch screen control. The unit also includes a built-in traffic receiver (subscription needed) and plays MP3 and WMA files. When used with the Alpine IVA-W205 DVD receiver (item number 500IVAW205), the PMD-B200 can be docked inside the Double Din head unit and display route map and information on the IVA-W205's 6.5" LCD.
SD/MMC Card Slot: The Blackbird can play back MP3 and WMA audio files from an optional SD memory card or Multimedia Card. The audio player allows you to repeat the songs in the current folder, or play the songs in random order.
Map Software: The Blackbird comes loaded with detailed maps of the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) and Canada. The maps feature approximately 6-million points of interest (POIs), such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions.
Display: The unit features a bright, 4" (diagonal) LCD with touch screen controls. The display has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels.
Display Modes: The display contains the following information: current position icon, current street name, next street name, distance to destination, direction to destination, estimated time remaining/estimated time of arrival, distance to next maneuver, next maneuver arrow, map orientation, map scale, and GPS status bar. You have three display mode options:
  • Map: displays a full screen map of the area while providing turn-by-turn guidance prompts
  • Arrow: displays three successive arrow maneuvers all the way to your destination while providing turn-by-turn guidance prompts
  • Split: displays a large arrow and larger next-street-name font along side a map screen while providing turn-by-turn guidance prompts
Main Menu:
  • Destination: input destination
  • Home: set, route to, or view map of home location
  • Route: see a list of turns (with distances) along the current route, change route
  • Mobile Phone: access cell phone via Bluetooth connection
  • Information: view navigation and system information
  • Edit: edit address book, including home address
  • Entertainment: play music
  • Setup: customize system
Destination Input: The Destination Menu gives you many different ways to choose your destination:
  • Address: input your destination's address by street and city
  • Point of Interest: you can enter a Point of Interest by name or category
  • Address Book: up to 500 location can be saved in your address book, you can then recall the location as a destination
  • Recent Destinations: choose your destination from a list of recent destinations
  • Coordinates: enter latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Intersection: enter a street name and choose from the intersecting streets
  • Home: if you have entered a home address, you can select it as your destination from the main menu
Points of Interest (POIs): The map database includes approximately 6 million POIs in 37 categories; Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Stations, Museums, Places of Worship, etc. You can search by name or category. If searching by category, further narrow your by location; near current position, near destination, in a specific city.
Spelling: As you type names of streets, cities, or POIs, the PMD-B200 dims out those letters that that are not available as the next character, eliminating the possibility of a misspelling a word or looking for a city or street that is not in the loaded database. When there are only a few possibilities, they are listed on the display.
Waypoints: You can set up to 10 waypoints between your current location and destination.
POI Icons: The navigation system can display POI icons onscreen for six often used categories; Restaurants, Gas Stations, ATMs/Banks, Grocery Stores, Hotels, and Parking. Each category is individually set to display (or not display).
Route Calculation Method: You may want to alter the way the system calculates a route; choose from the following methods:
  • Maximize Freeways: calculates the quickest route, maximizing use of freeways
  • Minimize Freeways: calculates the quickest route, minimizing use of freeways
  • Shortest: calculates the shortest route to your destination
  • Toll Roads: calculates a route with or without toll roads
  • Ferry: calculates a route with or without ferries
Detour Function: If, during a route you require the system to detour around an obstacle, use the Detour button to automatically recalculate a new route. You can detour from the current street, around traffic, or remove a specific street from the route.
Trail Feature: The Trail feature allows you to turn on and off trail dots that appear wherever the vehicle icon traverses. This is especially helpful for off-road enthusiasts.
Simulating Navigation: When indoors, you can activate the built-in simulator and practice using the unit. This turns off the GPS receiver so it's not searching for satellites.
Trip Information: The Blackbird keeps track of the following trip information:
  • Driving Average: average speed while driving
  • Overall Average: average speed overall (driving and idle time)
  • Maximum Speed: maximum speed reached on current trip
  • Driving Time: time vehicle has been moving since the trip was reset
  • Idle Time: time vehicle has been stopped since the trip was reset
  • Total Time: total elapsed time on the trip (driving time plus idle time)
GPS Status: You can view the dynamic location information received from satellite such as signal strength, compass (direction information), latitude/longitude, approximate altitude, and speed.
Map Screen Orientation: You can select one of the following map screen orientations:
  • North Up: the map display is positioned so that north is always at the top of the screen, the Present Vehicle Position icon will rotate on the map
  • Heading Up: the Present Vehicle Position icon can be positioned so that its current direction is always pointing to the top of the screen, the icon remains frozen in the center of the display while the map rotates with each turn
  • 3D: the display shows a view from the driver's perspective, looking at the horizon
Estimated Time Display: When the system calculates a route, it also estimates the travel time. It will display this estimate as the arrival time, or the time remaining to reach the destination.
Screen Color Mode: You can select one of three color modes for the display screen:
  • Day: has a lighter, brighter background
  • Night: has a darker background, outputs less light at night
  • Auto: display automatically switches between Day and Night at sunrise and sunset
FM Transmitter: When the built-in FM transmitter is active, it broadcasts music and voice prompts to an available frequency on your FM car radio. The FM transmitter can be set to one of the following frequencies: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, 88.9, 106.7, 106.9, 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7, or 107.9 MHz.
Built-In Traffic Receiver: The Blackbird features a built-in traffic receiver that supports the optional NAVTEQ Traffic RDS service with a subscription which displays real roadway information in real time from multiple sources on the Blackbird's screen. NAVTEQ Traffic RDS includes traffic information from top local sources, including police, video cameras and departments of transportation. This information is continuously updated, processed and delivered wirelessly, instantly to the Alpine Blackbird. NAVTEQ Traffic RDS even features color-coded roadways to illustrate the average speed of traffic for the road you are traveling and unique icons to indicate accidents, stalled vehicles, road construction and road closures. The Alpine Blackbird can use this traffic information to create a smarter and quicker route to your destination. NAVTEQ Traffic RDS map coverage currently covers 49 major cities in the United States plus Toronto, Canada.
Note: Currently the Blackbird comes with a Free 90 day trial of NAVTEQ Traffic RDS right out of the box. Upon conclusion of the 90 day trial period, the NAVTEQ Traffic RDS service is available through NAVTEQ for a standard annual fee of $60.00. The Traffic feature is only available when the Blackbird is placed in the cradle or optional docking station.
Bluetooth: The PMD-B200 is equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling you to make and receive calls hands free using the included microphone and built-in speakers. Calls can be placed using the numeric keypad, the phonebook, previously dialed numbers, missed calls, or received calls. Incoming calls will show the caller ID information on screen (when available) and give you the option of answering or ignoring the call.
Optional Wireless Remote Control: The Blackbird can be controlled by the optional Alpine RUE-4140 wireless remote.
Power Requirements: The Blackbird operates on your vehicle's battery using the included 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter, the Lithium-polymer battery, or household current using the supplied AC adapter. Stored data, such as waypoints or unit settings, are not lost when the unit is disconnected from a power source.
Antenna: There is a GPS antenna built-in and jack for the included external antenna.
Mounting Options: The unit should be securely installed when used in a vehicle. The unit comes with a suction cup mounting arm that attaches to the cradle. The suction cup can be used to mount the unit to the windshield or to the dash (using the included plastic mounting disk). Once the Blackbird is mounted, it can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for best visibility.
Note: If you're not using a remote antenna, the unit must be installed where it has a relatively unobstructed view of the sky.
Pro.Fit Bracket Compatibility: The Blackbird is compatible with the Pro.Fit Legend series Vehicle Specific Mounts (VSM). The Blackbird can also be used with the regular Pro.Fit VSMs when combined with the EZ-1026 easy swivel adapter.
Interface Capability: This unit can be connected to a PC via the supplied USB cable. This interface allows you to download additional map information to the unit's memory.
Inputs and Outputs
Top Panel of Blackbird:
  • Headphones: mini-jack headphone output
Bottom Panelof Blackbird:
  • USB: USB Mini-B Type 2.0 that allows you to connect the Blackbird to a computer using the supplied USB cable
  • Antenna: MCX-type connector that allows you to connect an external GPS antenna
  • Cradle Connector: proprietary port that interfaces with the supplied cradle or AC power adapter
Pictures of what it is for those not familier. It is a 100% touch screen also...



Also comes with the suction cup dash or window mount and I think theres a cig lighter plug in for it also in the box.

I will let it go for 165$
Ok now some real picture.

Found that it has a home charger, full very nice car mount and cig lighter plug, ext mic, and some other cable.


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