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Allright, who's interested?


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Clay County, IL
$4 a piece(no I'm not making a profit)
They'd look very similar to this:

Nothing definate on this as it's still in the works.
I don't want to spend a wad on these and be stuck with a bunch of "No flying Armidillo" decals.
i missed the " flying armadillo " event , but i was told it was hilarious .

put me down for at least 1 , and probably more for the michiana guys .
I'm not a sticker person, but put me down for two.
In x 1.
Rev Den said:
What happens at Winterfest.....stays at Winterfest.

Anyone think I am right?


There are a select few I would consider telling, some guys that didn't make it, but you're right. I was amiss in stating what I did earlier.

If you're a guy in black and never hung out with the MWC you just don't get to know.
only if i knew.... cause i dont have a clue
I'm in for one. I'll even pay for one for Haleyes!
Rev Den said:
You guys really are dense sometimes.....

I say again.....any one think I am "right"......

We know you're not "right" but we felt no need to confirm or deny the state of your mental health. It's a private matter for you and your doctor to discuss. Further discussion of this topic may result in an earht shattering realization that we're all crazy. You wouldn't want that would you?
Rev Den said:
Save me here Hale.....

I agree. To my knowledge, it's always been an unwritten rule.
What happens at WF stays at WF.

We're on the same page Rev.:thumbup:......I think.

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