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All xj dana 30 knuckles the same?


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Figured my clunking is due to a cracked knuckle and need to know if all xj d30 knuckles are the same before I hit the junk yard. Searched to no avail and need to know quick as the jeep is on the side of the road with some negative camber going on :)
What year is your Jeep?

IIRC ~1990 and up (or is it 87 up?) are the same.

The early knuckles have a two piece design involving the brake pad carrier. As long as you ask for anything in the 90s you should be good to go. Fairly certain TJ and ZJ will work as well. Don't know about YJ.
90 and earlier were separate brake caliper bracket. Stick with an 87-90.
Calipers fit 90 & later, that is what changes in the knuckle. They also changed the unit bearing, but I believe it will still fit the knuckle if you use the correct rotor. It's kind of confusing because 90 is still the Renix motor. 90 must be the first year for the change from AMC to Mopar.