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AHHHHH! son of a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


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today i walked out of work and there was a Cherokee sitting in the parking lot. As i got closer i realized that the bastard has the same sticker i have in the same place. Thats not all he had a damn Obama sticker on it too! Time for a new sticker! :D:soapbox:
Then leave you with hope and only change!

Thats great!:D

I'm thinking of getting one made up that says p.s. get your own f*cking sticker and putting it under mine
I saw a sticker today that said : "OBAMA=OSHIT!":guitar:
Ahhh hell i'm just gonna order a NAXJA.org decal to replace it :D
yep, it's time to get the 'it's a jeep thing' stickers off your jeep anyway.

NO it was Daily driver if i roll it i'm screwed......... soon to be NAXJA.org :D