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Ah. The Joys of Living in Idaho


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I just needed to move a trailer on my property. Just to pull it in front of my shop to work on it.

4WD and A/T tires just wouldn't cut it.


Chains required just to pull it up a slight incline so I could then back it down into place.


And it is not like it is a ton of snow on the ground. But the ground below the snow is frozen and tires just spin and move sideways.

This is why y'all don't want to move to Idaho.
My little dodge pulled the car and trailer out of the driveway (uphill) without much issue....but I'm going to assume you don't abuse yours like I do to mine (there was large amounts of tire spinning)
My problem with spinning the tires was that things were moving sideways, putting me into spots I would not be able to gracefully get out of. If I were able to go straight up the hill I might have just clawed my way up, but at roughly 45 degrees to the slope roughly half my progress was the wrong direction. Not a winning prospect.
Yep...I was getting closer and closer to my mailbox as my driveway sloped right also. If my front tires hadn't made it to the plowed street I would've needed a new mailbox. :ROFLMAO:
Ah yes. When the circus comes to your back yard.

That Varmint still plays with that blasted tire:


And he has gotten pretty good with a unicycle.

He will be 18 before this month is out. He has been accepted at three different colleges and needs to pick which one he wants to attend. He has a Pharm-D degree in mind (pharmaceutical doctorate). Whatever he does, he needs to do something with chemistry. It is not the average high schooler who corrects his chemistry teacher for mis-representing something as a benzene ring because it has the bonds on the wrong side.
I couldn't get my head around chemistry going in; took me four semesters of physics in college before I understood how chemistry works. I think I could deal with it now.

ETA: In my defense, at least I can ride a unicycle.
Can't ride a unicycle, my physics is pretty fair, the only chemistry I know is making pyrotechnics