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A couple of questions


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Cheeseland, WI
I've got a 90',4.0,AW4,231, w/ about 80k on a rebuild.

What is the stock torque for the rockers?

What is the I.D. of the heater hoses?

And now for a brain teaser;

I had 3.55's with stock tires, now I have 4.10's with 33"s. Is my speedo gear now correct?

Thanx & Cheers,
If your stock tire size was 205/75R15 and the 33's are really 33 inches tall, your effective ratio is about 5% taller than stock. For Example, if your speedo says 73, you're actually going 77.
Ah, but I changed the axle ratio from 3.55 to 4.10.