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99 power steering pump recommendations please

PSC !!!
They are new!
yeah I have a mopar steering box that is leaking again as well, Ide replaced the seals on the shaft already and it was good for a while. Ive read the same thing happens with those reman boxes. If Cardone or the like touch it then it doesnt seem to be worth the money.

Thank you guys for the recommendations
PSC prices just went up. Unless your racing or just enjoy spending extra money, a stock replacement works just fine. People going thru pump after pump have comorbidity factors.
My remanf cardone gear box seems okay, but the pump is crap. Higher effort than the original, and its got a very loud whine when its cold. It's still working, and I've been too lazy to order another.
I think NAPA carries a rebuild kit. I can't remember the price. Basically, a few o-rings and a sealed bearing. Not particularly hard to do.
In my case, it's not the screeching of a bad bearing. It's more the buzz of an overloaded power steering pump, like when you hold the steering wheel against the stops. Ungodly load when the temps are below 10*F. Not a huge priority as it gets quieter once it's warmed up. I might try a drain and refill with decent synthetic fluid and see what happens.
Mine is obnoxiously loud when starting cold, then it sounds like a supercharger until it's warmed up. I've tried the drain and refill. At one point I had Lucas in it when the reservoir was leaking and I replace the reservoir/ most people the Lucas. Recently drained again and refilled with regular ps fluid and it hasn't changed really. I assume it's dying because it's the only thing on this jeep that I haven't replaced yet.