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‘99 4.0 - DIY ignition kill switch


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Car jackings and thefts are all over the news here recently…driving an XJ should be enough of a deterrent, crazier things have happened though.

Planning to build up a small, simple hidden switch circuit to cut igniton to the starter. Most likely a relay to an on/off/momentary setup for future expansion (think remote start)

Does anyone have jpg or a link to the FSM wiring for the 98/99 ignition?

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The easiest is to interrupt the fuel pump!
The easiest is to interrupt the fuel pump!

Pull fuel pump relay. 100% reliable all the time ;)

Im too lazy for that. And id rather not monkey with electrical to fuel supply. Around here, thats asking for future problems. So starter solenoid kill switch is the other viable option. I could, in theory, wire it into my power antenna/remote wire on the head unit so that if the unit doesnt have power, the jeep aint gonna start

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I learned the hard way that if you ground out your O2 sensor your engine will not run.