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Window switches and wipers stopped at the same time


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Anderson, SC
Driving down the road, lost front wipers/sprayer, and window switches at the same time. Blinkers work, headlights and gauges work, gauge illumination works, radio/hvac works. From the reading and searching I’ve done, it doesn’t appear window switches are on the same circuit as wiper motor relay. Of course it’s raining at the moment so I haven’t started tearing into it. I seen a few things about the circuit breakers (again appear to be separate circuits), wiper motor bad - shouldn’t affect windows and sprayer right? Ignition switch bad? But everything else on the column works.

Would appreciate any insight, I’m a bit perplexed over where to start. Thanks!

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Forgot to mention, 1999 Cherokee sport, no cruise. Don’t know if that matters or not being on the column

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Do you have a FSM to check for a common ground?
There are separate positive outputs on the ignition switch. The wipers and windows may share the same contact while the other systems may have another. Best bet is to locate an accurate wiring diagram and search for common connections.
Raining or recent car wash ? Water leaks into the fuse box are somewhat common.

The three small relays at the top of the fuse box include both the door lock relay, and the front wiper/washer pump relay. Pull them, and check for corrosion. Obviously you should be checking the related fuses.

A bit of probing around with your $ 6-15 volts ohms multi-meter should confirm grounds and prove out the ignition switch output. Apply 12 volts to the wiper motor or the washer pumps.

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Thanks for the tips. I hadn't considered water in the fuse box being an issue - I have a leak on the passenger side I suspect is coming from the cabin air intake under the passenger cowl. Also will use my multi-meter to test those ign switch outputs.