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'98 window control issues


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Anyone have a link to a good legible schematic of the power window and lock control circuit you can share ?
Passenger front intermittent, now will go down but not up.
Same conditions when controlled from either switch.
That would suggest the track/cable/motor needs some love!

Replace both door switch assemblies and all is well. Even the auto full open functions, that has never worked.
All the relay logic is in the passenger switch with the master control signals coming from driver side.
Now to fix 2 gear stripped lock unit using universal accurators.
When this happened on my 99, I just re-flowed all the solder joints in the original board(driver side was the issue). That was about 5 years ago now. I forget where, but I saw a youtube video or site that showed the fix.
what about when the windows operate very slow do i need a new window motor or switch ?
all the windows operate very slow
I would start by lubing the motor, gears, and cable guides.
Any particular recommendation for what lube to use? Some of the windows on my '92 are pretty slow these days...
I have used "Super Slick Slick Stuff" in the past on my '87 with good results. Lowe's or Amazon.
You want something that doesn't deteriorate plastic like "super lube"