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87 MJ F/S, Richmond VA

Jeff in VA

Richmond, VA
$3500 or best reasonable offer, and I’m pretty firm on that considering everything I’m offering. Located in Richmond, VA but I could deliver it within reason (say an hour or so drive of here). Not interested in any trades.
I never thought I’d see the day, but I am sadly selling my MJ. Recent turns of events (pet illness, my TJ blew up and I had to buy a KJ, and some other stuff) are forcing the sale. That being said, I really don’t want to sell it…..I’m only the second owner, bought it up in PA back in 1996 from a nice old lady. It was her husband’s truck and he passed away, she couldn’t stand looking at it in the driveway (kept reminding her of him) and she couldn’t drive a stick, so she sold it to me. At that time, it had 60K miles on it, 2WD, 2.5L, and it was the proverbial “old man truck”. Zero options other than an AM radio and power steering. Drove it as a DD for several years, modding it little by little. Converted it to 4WD, went from stock 235’s to 31’s, then 33’s. Regeared it to 4.56, locked it, did an SOA/front lift and went to 35’s. Yanked the 2.5 and swapped in a 4.0 which is how it sits today. I’ve only put about 2000 miles on it in the last couple of years, sits in my garage mostly, but I do run it up and down the road every week or so just to keep things circulated. Runs like a top, but does have some issues (see below). I have lots of pics that I will be adding to this post as soon as Photobucket cooperates with me a little bit more. Also have a bunch of spare/extra parts to go with, this is a package deal. Not interested in parting anything out, unless you buy a part for $3500 and then I’ll throw everything else in for free. I want this thing to go to someone who will finish it and actually wheel it like it is supposed to be. I’ve wheeled it a bit locally, but nothing major. I’m posting this on multiple boards (some local) so if anyone’s interested let me know quick.

The good:
-top end rebuilt 4.0 Renix (new head gasket, RMS, Welch plugs, upgraded 4-hole injectors, hi-flow thermostat housing and new thermostat, radiator cap and radiator-open cooling system). All new coolant lines
-new clutch/housing, flywheel, T/O bearing. AA braided stainless clutch line
-new rear driveshaft, all new UJ’s in both driveshafts
-Sanden A/C compressor mounted for OBA (never started the project but the compressor is there)
-late model stamped steel valve cover with new Felpro basket (the expensive one LOL)
-majority of vacuum mess eliminated, EGR bypassed, fuel pump ballast resistor bypassed/eliminated
-new motor mounts, new trans mount
-Jon Kelly (5-90 on NAXJA) battery cables and ground cable upgrade
-HO power steering pump
-’96 XJ dual diaphragm brake booster
-130A alternator
-new cat convertor, Thrush welded muffler with turndown tip in front of rear axle (needs rear hanger reworked)
-new style XJ transfer case shifter in cab
-stock disconnect D30 (small 260x UJ’s, disconnect shimmed), rear D44 with Powertrax locker, 4.56’s
-front rotors/pads and rear brake shoes have less than 5K miles on them

Suspension: (front end is dialed in perfectly, no bumpsteer or death wobble whatsoever)
-35x12.50x15 Kuhmo M/T’s with 50-60% tread mounted on 15x10 steel D-windows, new lugnuts included
-5.5 TJ coils with ACOS installed (the adjuster rings are not threaded on but I have them to go with)
-JKS adjustable swaybar disconnects
-HD RE trackbar (double shear RE frame mount) with RE trackbar brace
-RE adjustable UCA’s, unknown (Rusty’s?) fixed LCA’s
-ZJ tierod and drag link
- front YJ extended brake lines (new)
-rear extended Durango brake line
-rear SOA, rebuilt 4WD leafpacks with new bushings front and rear
-has a slight rake (front to rear) with no weight in the bed, on purpose, I do use it as a truck when needed

-AMC-era only all black interior with XJ rocker bucket seats (they do sit a bit high, I reused the MJ bench brackets and should have cut them down an inch or so but didn’t)
-Cobra CB with 4’ Firestick, crappy no name AM/FM/cassette stereo with burned out backlight
-full gauge cluster (later model XJ), mileage reads 178xxx but it actually has about 190K on it (I didn’t reset the odo when I swapped in the cluster)
-Tomken front receiver bumper
-stock XJ/MJ tow hooks with factory brackets and extra front brackets installed
-front frame horns tied together with a factory XJ towbar mount under radiator
-rear homemade tuck-bumper with receiver and D-rings, made by Pat (Pingpong)

The not so good:

-has typical rust issues, especially the driver side. Driverside floor pan replaced by me, entire cab floor coated with bedliner (no carpet but I do have a new full cargo mat to go with, see below)
-headliner is shot
-has sunroof (not sure if factory but it looks like it) but the handle hardware is broken. It is sealed shut and doesn’t leak
-has an HO fuel pump and sending unit in the tank, gas gauge reads backwards and is about 1/8 tank off. You just have to remember when the gauge says full you are actually about to run out of gas LOL
-only gets about 10-11 MPH…..going downhill…..with a tailwind….on banana peels
-engine runs cool, but well. Does get to 210 or so on rare occasion but not always. When I rebuit the block I pulled all the Welch plugs (replaced with new) I cleaned out the whole inside of the block with a scraper and shop vac….got tons of crap out of it….I think it’s TOO clean now. Does not have an electric fan, only mechanical, and I’m running a HD ZJ fan clutch. Most 4.0’s run too hot, not this one.
-probably could use new rod/main bearings at some point….no knocks or rattles but has low oil pressure unless you run 10W40 with a quart of Lucas oil stabilizer or 20W50 oil. Currently running 20W50 and it keeps 20-25 psi at hot idle. 45-50 on cold startup.
-for some reason, it kills AGM style batteries. I ran both a yellow top and now a Deka AGM battery and both won’t hold a charge for an extended period. I have a cheap lead-acid battery in it now and it is fine.
-the wiper motor is tired. I swapped a later model XJ motor into it at some point in the past, but wipers are slow (unless you use RainX on the windshield, like I do)
-passenger window cable is stripped about 7/8-ths of the way down. If you roll the window the whole way down you have to pull up on the glass until it raises about 2” then it will crank all the way back up
-rear exhaust hanger needs reworked. I have it rigged up now with zip-ties and a universal hanger but that’s not a permanent solution
-front axle needs bumpstopped and the fenders need to be cut more
-mounted spare has a cut in the sidewall, but does not leak (see pics)
-rear axle has axle-hop after you have been driving it for awhile. I used Mopar extended perches when I did the SOA but reused the stock MJ spring plates that have the lower shock mount incorporated into them. Had to install a set of short Ford shocks which are now sitting above the axle (see pics), not on it or below it, which I think is causing the problem combined with the rear locker. Either need to fab up a ladder bar or move the shocks back down to the axle tube (have the mounts to do this included, see below)

Stuff that comes with the deal:

-’96 AW4 trans and 231J transfercase (was going to do an automatic swap in the future, wiring harness/TCU already installed and TB is from an auto so it already has the extra TPS wiring on it)
-spare 21 spline 231J TC
-(disassembled) HP D30 non-disconnect with larger UJ’s, 3.55 r&p, complete. Needs 1 new balljoint.
-FEY black diamond plate rear step bumper (no license plate lights)
-2 rear MJ driveshafts, 2 front XJ/MJ driveshafts, one rear XJ driveshaft (all various lengths I used as I built this thing over the years)
-2 Sanden A/C compressors
-new OEM black full cargo mat with padding
-longer rear shocks (the ones I was running before I did the SOA, Gabriel’s IIRC, painted black) plus a set of weld on RE lower shock mounts *(see note above about axle hop^^^)
-set of 4 used 31” Treadwright M/T’s (Guard Dog pattern). Low tread but would probably still pass inspection. Not mounted, just tires only.
-20 new lugnuts, solid kind not the capped kind
-anything else I find between now and the time someone buys it 