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87' cherokee chief


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Santa Cruz
I've got a cherokee chief and they seem to be the least common cherokee out there, I was wondering what this package had on it when it came from the factory, mine had a tire swing and the factory towing package which meant the d44... anything else?
and btw I did search but didn't find anything at all.
Mine had/has rear sway bar,all skids and tow hooks a D44 with No tow package.It has all the power windows and locks.
The Chief is in my opinion THE BEST looking cherokee out there better looking than any cherokee from 84-01 the chief is the best. I wish i had a chief. Do you have pics?? I cant get enough of them.
My '85 is a Chief...air, auto,tilt, cruise, etc...no tow tho...no '44.
I like the stickers, the hood stripes, the blackout window trim. It just looks really good. And the earlier ones had the plaid interiors that was pretty cool.