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85 diesel and 89 XJs and parts for sale


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Folks It is time to cull the family fleet of XJs I have, and parts.

I have 2-3 or more of just about everything I accumulated the last 20 years.
And I barely even drive the Wagoneer, or drive at all anymore. Health / Pandemic reasons in Part. I also have 3 shop bays I rent, and I need to cut that cost, and empty and return at least one bay to the land lord to save money.

I have cores, body parts, everything under hood, AW4 Transmissions and 2 spare 4.0 XJ's (1989 duplicates, white 4x4s, low mileage), so hit me up, drop by while the weather is nice..visit....

But let me know a day or 2 in advance please.I work from my home office now and stay busy...

I am in SE Houston... PM here or reply here.
Also ready to find a home for my 1985 Franken-Jeep Diesel custom, 34 MPG, gets 700 miles on a tank of fuel.

The RA Joint damage in my hands and lack of a helper, means I just can keep up with these rigs, and Drive maybe a mile a week now..


I also have running mechanics (body shop...) special that runs, AC works, easy on gas that I need gone....

They probably get posted on Craigs soon...
Do you happen to have a decent condition Hood?

I think I have a perfect condition tail gate and hood. Maroon.
I will check this week. I finally sold the red 87 shell.
Do you happen to have a decent condition Hood?

IIRC you were looking for 84-85 hood?

I need one too, but I do have 1 or 2 spare 87-90- era Renix hoods stored in my shop and the 85 Diesel XJ, and 89 4x4 XJs for sale. I also have a whole lot of good new and used parts I hoarded thinking all my kids (now grown) were going be driving these jeeps and need the parts over time.

Also, they seem to love to waste money newer junk.... no body can fix..