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5.5 inch lift kit for reasonable daily driver and weekend build.


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Portland, Oregon
Hello all, I have become set on the Iron Rock Off-road 5.5 inch Rock Lift kit because of the quality, price, and use of a tri link front. I plan on running 33s. Is this to tall for my use case? I doubt I will be doing off camber wheeling very often. Mainly Rocky Mountains and trails. Other than shims for pinion angle, SYE, and a new driveshaft, will anything else be needed to maintain proper handling and ride quality? Maybe you guys can recommend another kit if there is something better out there?

Here is the URL to the kit: https://www.ironrockoffroad.com/product/xj-55-rock-link-pro-long-arm-lift-kit.html

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I think it would be OK with the 33's. I'd say its a bit more of looks and somewhat function. I'm at 4.5" lift and 32.5 metric. It looks good to me. I don't like the stuffed look. IRO was in consideration for a long arm for me. Some had them on their rigs at Winterfest. Didn't hear any negatives. That is a good price for a complete long arm front and rear.
I just installed the IRO 4" short arm kit with 33's. I minimally trimmed my fenders and could easily run 35's. Re-gearing the diffs is a must IMO also. I went with 4.56, but 4.11 would probably have been better. I am currently at ~2200 rpm at 60mph.

As far as the IRO kit, I am very pleased and would buy again. Everything fit well and was of good quality.
At 5.5” you should really be considering a steering upgrade as well, even if it is a stock replacement like Currie. And as noted, gears.

I had about 5.5” and 35s as a daily driver years ago and it was fine, not too tall or unstable. The fenders were hacked out though, when it had fenders.
I'm on 32.5's and 4.10 gears. A bit slugish. Might be some issues with the trans though. On 31's it was good. I think 4.30's would be good. It would also depend on terrain. I did not have any issues at Winterfest due to power though. I got stuck once the first day. The guy in front of me was I think 5.5 lift and at least 33's to 35's and an IRO front 3 or 4 link. Yes, he's the one that pulled me out. Also, he had a front locker.
I think there are some who run 33's to 35's with 4.10s but have a Stroker motor. I'll be going with that on my next build and see how it works out.
410 430 is so close to the same youd likely not even notice a difference only your wallet will.

I just did a 4" long arm on a wj. I was impressed with the quality and simplicity. Trail tammer shocks though were all they had and are not the greatest.

Other than that I have no complaints

I'd sujest some good shocks valved for the rig in 6 months ounce they become available. Would make a killer suspension perform amazing.

You won't be able to run a exhaust till you fab your own or by theyre 4link exhaust. You can dump it at the crossmember

I was able to fit a small muffler and build a hanger off the iron rock crossmember. Holding muffler high and tight as possible though it is dumped right at the muffler. Have not had time to route exhaust through arms that will be fun and might be worth just buying the iron rock exhaust

Have fun with it.

I'd run 4.56 of it were mine. Id also keep it to 4" 🥸 3.55-4.56 is one gear. 4.10 is half a gear. Half of most things leaves us just wanting the other half.

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StinkyFab Racing makes a nice 4 Link setup, paired with Deaver springs and their WJ steering conversion. Their Stage 3 Package is a great overall package that will give better braking, steering, a killer ride and excellent offroad performance.

All packages include our Front Long Arm suspension kit with your choice of 3 or 4 link (specify in notes at checkout), our Heavy Duty Crossmember/T-case Skid, a pair of our Trail Proof Motor Mounts, a Trail Proof Transmission mount, rear leaf spring Shackles and Shackle Relocation Brackets.