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3" lift coils, who to go with?


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O.K. I've seen some posts where folks say "Never buy direct you'll overpay". Meaning buy the items through someone who is a dealer for brand X.

I saw on Rusty's web page 3" front coil springs for XJ $99.00 being the direct from them price. Now if someone knows of something cheaper than that, i.e. dealer price etc., heck even used, please let me know. If it's something that's a well kept secret please PM me, I really want to save some money here.

You see I have sort of a dilemma...... I created "Franken-leaves" for the back by using my XJ top leaf and adding the guts of an MJ pack under that. Along with the MJ shackles that I already had on there I'm at just a hair above 3" in back. More like 3.50". I was originally planning on adding some spacers and maybe F-150 springs in the front but I decided against it at the last minute. Something about it riding like a rock hauler turned me off to the idea.

So I'm now "actively" looking for some springs to get rid of that dragster look. The way it looks currently I could paint it black and put coach lights on it and it would be a 4X4 Munster mobile! :rolleyes:
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