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3.5'' or 4.5'' RE Kit??


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San Diego
Ok I'm looking to turn my stock 87 4x4 4D XJ into something that can marginally keep up with my pre-running friends. I think I'm looking at getting a 3.5'' RE Super-Ride kit but I'm wondering what the 4.5'' would be like and if there will be more problems or things to change out with a 4.5 instead of 3.5. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
what size tires? I'd probably stick with the 3.5" kit, and go with some good gas shocks if you're going to be do pre-running type stuff.
You'll have to do trimming with either lift, depending on what rims you go with. The wider the rims and/or the less the backspacing, the more clearance issues you'll run into up front, regardless of your lift height. It sounded like you were planning to do more higher speed offroad driving, which is why I recommended the shorter lift (lower COG = better handling). The 4.5" kit gives you more stuff though (like front brakelines and an adjustable trackbar).
id say the 3.5 - just because the 4.5 has a rediculus amount of more parts that take your rig so far from stock - you go crazy...

the difference between 3.5 and 4.5 is one inch, but its also $1000 in parts that you need to do it right...
I have a friend with an 89 cherokee. He did a RE 3.5" lift and got 4.5" out of it. He trimmed his fenders and runs 32's. It does great offroad.
$1000 in parts? I paid like $650 for my 4.5" RE kit 5 months ago, by shopping around. its an 87, so no driveline mod's should be required. I added some JKS disco's, but thats not really required. The kit contained pretty much everything needed. I didnt need to trim to run the 32's either, although i rub my lca's.
Do it once! I am running th 3.5" RE super flex and 31" tires on 15x8 rims with 4.5" backspacing. The kit is really nice, it flexes well. My tires rub in the rear (i need to bumpstop it and trim a little).

I wish I would have went the 4.5" kit. There are a few more parts, but it's a better set-up (IMHO), and it allows for larger tires. 32's can fit on a 3.5" lift, with considerable trimming. They will fit on the 4.5" with minimal trimming.

If you are doing high speed desert driving, consider the amount of travel you need and use that in your calculation. Get the right shock, tire, and lift combination.

Good Luck,

Ah thanks for the help. I plan on keeping my speed up for sure especially over that sand. I already planned on trimming my fenders way down. The extra parts for the 4.5 are nice but I think I'll get the 3.5 and save some money for the tires. I'm on a limited budget. Damn college life.

Will that extra inch if I got the 4.5 be a considerable amount more dangerous at higher speeds than the 3.5? Don't feel like rolling anytime soon.
cal said:
$1000 in parts? I paid like $650 for my 4.5" RE kit 5 months ago, by shopping around.
if you but the parts seperatly after the fact:
Adjustable UCA's - $220
Adjustable LCA's - $260
HD trackbar and mount - $300

ok - 800 difference...