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2003 GRAND Cherokee (Totaled) 4Sale


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I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee 2WD , 4.0L
It was hit on the drivers side and im selling it for Parts Only. The Engine, Transmisison and Rear End (D35) are all in perfect running condidion and I start the Jeep up twice a weeek to keep the battery charged and the engine healthy. Let me know if your interested PM me or reply to this post. Thanks
price on engine plz

also miles?

what kinda funky tranny did these things have, it was not an aw4 right?
fdsa487 said:
I really want to sell the Jeep as a whole. I would sell the engine for $2800 it has 32K miles on it. I changed the oil every 3K miles. Have service records.

You do realize thats about $2k more then a used jeep 4.0 is worth right?

You can get a new crate motor from jeep cheaper then that.

Just so you actaully have some luck selling it here is about what he costs break down to.

4.0 pricing 101....

strokers = 2800 - 3200 depending on whos building it for you
rebuilt longblocks = 980-1200
junkyard motors with less then 50k $800
junkyard motors with more then 50k $400-600
mark91xjbeefHey are you the dude that lives on Taft with the white Jeep? I would have had the Grand Cherokee take apart by now but i work 2 jobs. 40 hours at my main one, right down the street, and 30+ hours at my other job which includes weekends so i really nave no time. It sucks but I have to do it for a while. To much debt right now.
So are you going to part that thing out?
Yeah but im not going to start selling like seats and radio and crap like that yet. I think that im going to put it in the auto trader and see if i can sell it as a whole. I much rather get a lump some of money and get it out of my driveway.
Put it in the "salvage parts and equipment" trader if you want. BTW this trader has a lot of salvage titled vehicles in it for a lot lower prices than the normal autotrader. I am very interested in buying your rear brakes and would be willing to pull them myself, maybe some other parts also like seats.
yup that is me. i do not live there anymore but go over there often as they are good friends of mine i will be down there later to say hi to them. i am doing the same to my wifes wrecked 96 xj except most of the parts are going in my heep.