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2001 XJ


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It's a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport that I rolled in February of 2019. It was a slow roll onto a fire road from a hill side. The jeep landed on the passenger A pillar and most of the damage is on that side of the roof. I used a porta power to straighten it out enough to get a windshield back in it. Smog certificate in hand. My plan was to throw a XO FAB cage in it and keep it for a fun toy but I will be moving to PA the end of June and could use the extra funds I would like to get $3000 for it.

It has the following components on it.

33" BFG All terrains

6" Rubicon Express long arm lift

SYE Transfer case

Dana 30 Front with Teraflex WJ crossover steering with 4.56 gears and Yukon grizzly locker

Chrysler 8.25" rear with 4.56 gears

Custom built tube doors

Dirtbound off-road front bumper

Kilby off-road Gas Tank skid

2x6" steel tube rocker replacement

There is also a few other things I'm not thinking of right now.

This is a project crawler. Will not part out.

IMG_20210517_142715192.jpg IMG_20210517_142707772.jpg IMG_20210517_142729995.jpg
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Moving to PA?


Just like that the gold Jeep mafia is gone.

Don't tell me Mark is moving too.
Yes I inherited my family's Farm more or less. I got an opportunity to raise my boys somewhere other than California. No from now on the gold Jeep Mafia will just meet in Tennessee or wherever Nimrod ends up. And as far as Mark you'd have to ask him

I expect you are going to love the difference. And the boys will love it too. Boys need space.

Varmint #Last is having fun building his fort (largely a pallet construction). Varmint #1 has been 3D printing custom nerf guns (these things can leave a mark that will last for days) for their wars. All good fun that would have been very difficult to achieve in Kali, and had they achieved this level of success we would have to worry about someone calling the cops on them.

How many acres is the farm? What does it grow? Come with equipment and living things that need tending?
Sorry to see you go Ryan but congrats on getting out of the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia!
The farm has been on my dad's side since the 1850s. It's roughly 100 acres now. My grandparents stopped raising cattle 15 years ago. I want to get it back into a working state for beefs. I can't wait to start building forts with the boys in the woods.
No from now on the gold Jeep Mafia will just meet in Tennessee or wherever Nimrod ends up. And as far as Mark you'd have to ask him

I’d be more than happy to host a GJM reunion any time. You guys, and all of my SoCal wheeling buddies have a standing invitation. I’ve got a guest room and all the space needed to park campers and trailers of all sizes!

I grew up raising cattle. Great way to feed boys.

Do your research on breeds. We were running Santa Gertrudis. I don't recommend those. They are next to impossible to keep penned up. Chain link is not adequate. What is needed is an island out in the ocean. Brangus is a breed I would look at it. The Bride has a friend who runs those. Supposed to be better than Angus. Charolais is supposed to be the best eating, but the bulls have a reputation for being the meanest. They also don't tend to sell as well because they vary so much in size. Folks on the purchasing side of the equation like Angus because they are all the same size. When you buy a side of Angus you have a really good idea of exactly how much you are getting. Not so much so with Charolais. I have no idea how it is with Brangus. Santa Gertrudis all seemed to be large. We generally got 600lbs when we butchered. But again, they were a challenge to keep on their side of the fence.

Don't think you are going to make a bunch of money running cattle on 100 acres. But you can certainly improve the quality of what is on your table and raise your boys up right. There is nothing like having real responsibilities and learning to manage large animals to instill a solid work ethic and confidence.

ETA: Pay attention to climate and which breeds are suited to a colder climate. All my experience is with relatively warm climates. The Brahma (in Santa Gertrudis and I assume in Brangus) are great for hot weather. You may be looking for something more like a Highland.
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What is needed is an island out in the ocean. /QUOTE]

I only have 1/4 acre in the middle of the ocean. Don't think will be enough. Maybe if we buy the lot behind us?

David Bricker / SYR