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2000 XJ AC bypass?


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Hello again!

My friends XJ AC compressor clutch bearing is not in good health... He really doesn't care about the AC and he's interested in bypassing the AC altogether. His XJ has no mods it's completely stock.

Is it possible or has anyone done this??
A shorter belt??
Belt re-route??
Is there a bolt-on kit??

Rex - (and Chad thanks you too),
We rolled a 97TJ this winter and it's 2.5L had A/C. We just removed the compressor, dryer, lines, evaporator as the grill was crushed anyway and got a shoter belt. Went right in, no extra idlers or anything else.
Thanks for the super quick reply RichP!

Could you suggest a method to determine the belt length needed?

Thanks again,
The guy I bought my 98 XJ from had this exact issue. He ended up bungeeing the compressor with the lines on it off to the side, and ordered a bypass pulley from the dealership to bolt in where the compressor went.
Guys, the AC compressor's clutch can be replaced without loosing the charge and still in the car. I've got a 93 VW Eurovan and this is a common problem with them. If you let it go too long it will eventually tear up the insides though. It's a Sanden compressor and if you go to their sight you can download/prind the manual in PDF format.