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2000 Wrangler TJ Canyon Wheels


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Wasn't sure if I should post this in Off-topic... Or here (dealing with stock rims) or in the F/S Wanted forum...

Would $60 be a good deal for 4 Canyon wheels from a TJ? Still has tires on em but tread is pretty worn down... Technically what are they worth? Average price for sale? I saw a couple sets on here from the past for about 200+. Is that the range i'm looking at and this deal is a steal?
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...:dunce:
That is an awsome deal I paid $250 for mine but at the time it was the wheel to have so to speak.
Yeah, I'd say that is a steal. Before the Moabs released, those were my favorite Jeep wheel. Just got a set two days ago w/ practically brand new 31" BFG A/T for $400.
I just paid $200 last night for a set of 4 mint ones. The guy said he bought them off a kid who took them off after having them in use for about a month on his TJ. I thought I got a good deal, but man that would be a steal.
I just bought 5 off of a 2001 TJ 60th Anniversay for $150 and I'm very pleased. I measure the offset/backspace as 5.75.

My problem is that they were advertised as 15x7, however they are really 15x8. BFG says 7" is the max wheel width for my puny LT215/75's .

If I could ever get them mounted, what would happen if I ever aired them down? Anyone have any thoughts on this?